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Camping 4 étoiles Ardèche Sud -  Le Chamadou, situé à Balazuc, havre de tranquillité, vous accueille dans un esprit chaleureux et familial : toboggan aquatique, piscine, mini-ferme, lac de pêche, au coeur d'un vignoble, vivez une expérience authentique et unique..





The view is magnificent - 5 km away from the camping

Vogüé seems part of the mountain, like some precious gem set in the limestone tinted gold by the sun.
Classed as one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in France”, it is built in the amphitheatre formed by cliffs carved out by the Ardèche.
The imposing mass of the Château of the Lords of Vogüé, has four corner towers and four postern gates in typical Languedoc style.
Built in the 17th-C, it still has the remains of the 80-ft high 12th-C donjon in its inner courtyard.
The houses give onto ancient little streets interspersed with arcades. Many of them date from the Middle Ages.
Below the village the Ardèche babbles on its way bordered by a delightful beach where one can doze in the summer sun to the song of the cicadas, and bathed in the delicious scent of wild thyme and rosemary from the garrigue


One of the most beautiful village of France -  3km away from thecamping

Amidst the garrigue and forests, the old village towers River Ardèche.
Balazuc classified as one of the “Hundred most Beautiful Villages in France” has a southern atmosphere, a village of dressed stone bathed in golden sunlight, a maze of tiny, winding alleyways, of stone staircases, paved ramps, and shady arcades,…
The remains of the town walls lead us to the castle which was built in the 13th C.
The square in front of the ancient church has retained its charm of yesteryear, bounded by old, medieval shop fronts and houses with mullion windows.


3 km away from the camping

When it flows, the cascade of Rochecolombe is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Ardeche. This magnificent natural site located near the medieval village of Rochecolombe is to be discovered the summer the day after a storm or in autumn and spring after heavy rains.


« Oasis of coolness » in the scrublands of Ardèche  

On the banks of the Beaume River, this village is surrounded by carved cliffs, where troglodytes used to live in their caves.
These cobblestone compressed houses are standing along narrow winding streets, small passageways forming a real labyrinth.