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Camping 4 étoiles Ardèche Sud -  Le Chamadou, situé à Balazuc, havre de tranquillité, vous accueille dans un esprit chaleureux et familial : toboggan aquatique, piscine, mini-ferme, lac de pêche, au coeur d'un vignoble, vivez une expérience authentique et unique..



General Conditions of Sale



1. The reservation becomes effective solely with the agreement of the campsite, upon receipt of the deposit in the form of money order or bank cheque made payable to SAS LE CHAMADOU, or credit card.

2. Booking of camping pitches or rented accommodation is made strictly on a personal basis. Under no circumstances may you sub-let or transfer your reservation without the prior consent of the Campsite Le Chamadou.

3. Minors must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.


4. The rental accommodation is fully equipped. The basic package ranges from 1 to 6 places, depending on the type of accommodation. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the maximum number of people indicated on the price list.  under penalty of exclusion. Le Chamadou reserves the right to refuse access to the campsite to groups or families whose number exceeds the capacity of the accommodation rented.

5. The amount of the rental stay is fully payable 30 days before your arrival date. Failure to pay within the time limit will automatically cancel your rental.We no longer accept bank checks within 45 days before the arrival date.


6. Pitch means: 1 electrical connection, 6 people maximum (of the same family not exceeding 2 adults), 1 vehicle, tourist tax, access to sanitary facilities and to the residential facilities

7. The final camping pitch will be determined by the campsite on the day of arrival. For any modification of the dates of stay, the same pitch can not be guaranteed.

8. The amount of the camping pitch stay is fully payable the day of you arrival date.


9. Prices shown are effective for the 2018 season. The prices of stays proposed by SAS Le Chamadou are not contractual and can be change without notice. The contract price is fixed at the time of the reservation.


Customers may request that their stays are altered within the campsite (dates, accommodation type) by writing to the campsite (by post or email), subject to availability and options. Postponements to the next season will not be permitted. If no changes are made, customers must arrive for their stay in accordance with the original booking conditions, or cancel their stay in line with the conditions of their cancellation insurance.

Any stay that is interrupted or cut short (late arrival, early departure) by you shall not give rise to any reimbursement.

In the absence of a written message from the camper with acknowledgement of receipt from us, specifying that he had to postpone the date of his arrival or specifying a delay, the Direction of the Chamadou will be able to dispose of the pitch and the total payment remains due. Messages on answering machine are not allowed.

In case of cancellation, you will be deducted or you will  have to pay:

  • Rental and insurance fees

  • As compensation for breach of contract:

- An amount equal to your deposit: 25% of the total amount of the stay, or 100 € for a pitch  if you cancel more than 30 days before the planned date of arrival.

- An amount equal to the total amount of the stay, if you cancel less than 31 days before the planned date of arrival, or if you do not show on that date

  • A cancellation insurance can be underwritten into your contract of hire

- 14.70  € / rental week  (rental accomodation)

- 2.10 € / rental night  (rental accomodation)

- 12.00 € / pitch  / stay less than 4 weeks.

This insurance will reimburse you the indemnity of breach of the above-mentioned contract, according to conditions stipulated in the contract. (Axelliance Cancellation Terms)



Camping Pitches : You may check-in from 1 p.m, and check-out at 12.00 p.m maximum.  (For any delayed departure, you may be charged for an additional day at the price applicable for that night).

The day of your arrival, the pitch will be available from 1 p.m and will have to be occupied before 8 p.m.

Rental accommodation: On the day of your arrival, you may check in from 4 p.m, and you will be required to pay a deposit on being handed the keys to your accommodation. The accommodation will have to to be occupied before 8 p.m.


It is up to campers to ensure they have insurance cover: campers are responsible for looking after their personal belongings (bicycles etc.). The campsite shall in no event be held liable in case of

an incident involving campers’ civil liability. All visitors must comply with the provisions of the internal regulations. Each named tenant is responsible for disturbances and nuisance caused by persons staying with or visiting them.

The courts of Privas are solely competent in case of dispute


Camping Pitches: On the day of your departure, the camping pitch  must be free at 12.00 p.m at the latest. For any departure after 12:00 p.m , an additional night will be charged.

Rental accommodation: on the day of departure specified in your contract, the rental accommodation must be vacated by 10 a.m. The accommodation shall be left perfectly clean and the inventory may be checked. Any breakage or damage shall be payable by you along with any repairs to the premises, if that should prove necessary. At the end of your stay, the deposit shall be refunded to you after deduction of compensation retained, on production of the supporting invoices, against possible damage as certained during the departure inventory. The retention of the deposit does not preclude additional compensation in the event of the expenses being greater than the amount of the deposit.

• Rental accommodation: in the event of the accommodation not having been cleaned before your departure, a fixed cleaning charge of at least €50 including taxes shall be invoiced to you.

• For any delayed departure, you may be charged for an additional day at the price applicable for that night


16.Pets are strictly forbidden in rental accommodations.

17. Pets are permitted for the camping piitches, with payment required when the booking is made. When admitted, they must be kept on a leash at all times. They are prohibited from swimming pool areas, and in buildings. Dogs’ and cats’ vaccination certificates must be up-to-date.


18. We provide you with a motorcycle trial area. In the context of the practice of this sport, any motor vehicle, in this case your trial bike, must be insured under French law in force (Law 58-208 of 27 February 1958) for the current period (green card). The driver must hold the license. Consequently, any breach of this formality will result in a formal ban on the use of the trial area.


19. You give permission to Camping Le Chamadou, as well as to any person chosen by Camping Le Chamadou, to take photographs of you, to record you or to film you during your stay and to use the resulting images, sounds, videos and recordings using any media (especially on Camping Le Chamadou websites and web pages, including Facebook, on Camping Le Chamadou information and promotion media and on travel and tourism guides). This permission applies for you as well as for people staying with you. The sole purpose of this is to promote and to provide information about Camping Le Chamadou, and may in no event damage your reputation. This permission is provided free of charge for all countries and for a period of 5 years.